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Katrin Wiebelhaus
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Bettina Westig
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Andreas Rinke
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Steel strip becomes HDL-Band

Electro galvanization with innovative post-treatments
With our trademark, we emphasize:
- our innovative power in the field of surface finishing,
- our individual customer oriented product development and product quality,
- furthermore, as an independent company, we have the ability to optimise our selection of our raw materials to offer individually targeted solutions.
Electro galvanized steel strip is protected against corrosion and optimised by means of surface treatment. Through innovative production processes, we have succeeded in producing and guaranteeing an excellent and very uniform surface quality. 
With our precision steel strip we offer the best and highest quality, which we have registered with the brand name HDL-Band since 2011. With this we strive to emphasize the independency of our company and our products. We accentuate our custom-tailored product development and product quality, and we identify ourselves with our innovative finishing processes.