Highest quality standards

Our products fulfil the utmost rigorous quality requirements.

We are certified as follows:

  • quality management DIN EN ISO 9001,
  • environmental management DIN EN ISO 14001 and
  • energy management DIN EN ISO 50001.
We also meet the requirements of:
  • REACH and
  • RoHS.

In addition to our continuous zinc coating thickness measurement the following tests are possible:

  • tensile test,
  • bending test to check zinc adhesion,
  • coorosion test in artificial given atmospheres,
  • roughness test with profile method,
  • phosphate determination (qualitative),
  • online colour measuremnt by spectroscopy

Detailed analyses of our products can be provided at any time via the IMDS database system developed by the automotive industry.

The quality of our porducts is reflected in the quality of our collaboration between our customers and suppliers. This high standard is our daily business guide line.