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UPDATE Flooding
Continuing of Force Majeure

Hagen, 24.11.2021

After four months of hard work and permanent efforts we have already achieved a lot. On the basis of the reconstruction plan implemented, we have regained a considerable part of our capacity by now. However, we are not able to work at full capacity yet as still essential machines and production tools (such as electric rectifiers) are not fully available for use yet and, consequently, our production lines are not fully operational at this point in time.

Therefore, the delivery delays due to the flooding (force majeure), which are unavoidable and beyond our control, have not been fully overcome yet and they still have an impact on our daily business. In addition, we are confronted with the issue that because of the flooding in July we lost more than a whole month’s production of material which aggravates our backlog situation even more.

Still, we estimate and we are very confident based on what we have already accomplished that we will be able to produce at full capacity at the end of February 2022. To reach this goal, we will strictly follow our reconstruction plan further to ensure to regain our full production capacities as soon as possible.

We assure you that we are working with all available resources and that we will continue to make every effort to bring our facilities back into operation at the earliest point in time possible. This includes working with several partners who support us in refining and cutting material in the production process.

Of course, we will keep you informed about the current situation.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

H. D. Lenzen Surface Coating

UPDATE Flooding
Continuing of Force Majeure

Hagen, 09.08.2021

The progress of the clean-up work goes well. Despite permanent and tireless efforts, it is not possible at this time to predict at which point in time we will resume to full production capacity at our production plants.

Furthermore, it is currently impossible to predict when the delivery routes can be used again. The infrastructure in the affected region was severely damaged and, in some cases, completely destroyed by the flood. The restoration of the delivery routes is underway, but unfortunately in some cases it will be a longer-term process.

Some of our suppliers have also been affected by the flooding and are suffering under production losses at their production plants. This naturally also affects our production. Therefore, the delivery delays due to the flooding (force majeure), which are unavoidable and beyond our control, will continue.

We will continue to inform you transparently and at short periods about the delivery status of the products you have ordered. We will continue -as in the past weeks -to make all necessary efforts to increase our production and to be in the position to deliver again as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

H. D. Lenzen Surface Coating


Hagen, 15.07.2021

Dear business partners,

since 13 July, there have been storms and heavy rain in Hagen, especially at our Sedanstraße site, which have already led to massive damage, material failures and plant downtimes at this plant. Due to these floods, we are no longer able to deliver for the foreseeable future. For the time being, we will not be able to receive deliveries of input materials or carry out material shipments from this location.

Massive delays in the delivery of your orders are therefore unavoidable

Naturally, we have no influence on these external events, which we could neither avert nor make harmless by exercising reasonable care. We therefore feel compelled to declare force majeure as a precautionary measure and to inform you of impending delivery disruptions, the extent of which we are currently unable to foresee.

We will of course inform you promptly about the effects on your specific orders, but we would like to ask you to refrain from individual enquiries about the delivery status for the time being

Thank you for your understanding.

H. D. Lenzen Surface Coating

HDL Surface Coating

Developing durable solutions which persuade the customer.

Strip galvanization is a well-known process. But if its potential is to be explored and developed further, there must be a willingness to repeatedly initiate innovative working processes, which must be aimed at the continuous improvements and their implementation throughout all departments within our company. In order to steer this process in an operative mode we have to cultivate the collaborative cooperative relationship with our customers and suppliers. The only way to find solutions and help all of us to make one more step forward is to always keep close contact with our customers and suppliers. Central to this is the electro- galvanization and variously post-treated precision steel strip, with its finished surface, which can be applied in a variety of ways. To ensure an optimal working process, we collaborate jointly with our customers and determine the specified parameters of the carrier material and also the properties of the surface in order to produce our high-grade HDL- band on our three galvanizing production lines.

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